Germany ⇄ Italy RoRo/Ro-La Train Transport for HGVs - RAlpin

The RAlpin 'Rolling Highway' RORO (Roll On, Roll Off) or 'Ro-La' train service transports trucks between Freiburg in Germany and Novara in Italy via Switzerland and the Swiss Alps.

Articulated lorries and trucks are driven onto the trains by their drivers and travel with their vehicles in an accompanying passenger coach.

With 16 trains per day, 8 from each direction and a travel time of just 11 hours, RAlpin is ideal for time-critical and 'just-in-time' shipments.

The Rolling Highway is an economical and environmentally responsible alternative to driving across (or under) the Alps reducing CO2 emissions by around 30,000 tonnes each year.


Freiburg is only 2 hours 30 minutes by road from Stuttgart and has excellent road links to France, Austria, Czech Republic and Belgium.


Novara is only 1 hour by road from Milan and has excellent road links to Turin, Genoa and North Italy.

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Benefits of booking this service with Freightlink include

confirmation in 30 minutes

Avoid Swiss customs formalities - no transit documents

avoid travel restrictions

Avoid weekend and night time driving bans in Switzerland

vehicles with dangerous goods permitted

Vehicles carrying hazardous cargo accepted

avoid vehicle wear and tear

Minimise vehicle wear and tear

driver rest time

Drivers can rest safely while your goods keep moving

save fuel

Reduce volatile fuel costs - save money!