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DFDS Update - Transit Declarations, Port of Destination

This communication is to provide you with some important information about Transit Declarations.

If you are transporting goods under a Transit Declaration (T1 or T2 document), it is very important to note that a Transit Declaration is registered to a specific destination port. If your vehicle travels to a port that is different to what is registered on the declaration, the vehicle will be required to stop for inspection at the customs office. This may result in unnecessary delays.

Please be advised, we will ship your vehicles to the port requested, but to avoid unnecessary delays, if your vehicle ships to a different port to what is declared on your Transit Declaration, you must ask your customs agent to advise customs and amend the declaration before the vehicle arrives at the destination port.

Please ensure your drivers are aware of this requirement, so they can inform you if they change their destination. Customs should be advised of the change as soon as the vehicle has been checked in, though it would be preferable to advise them prior to check-in. This will provide time for customs to update their system, so that the correct status is shown for the driver via the on board screen.


29 January 2021

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