Do You Carry Tools and Equipment from the UK to Ireland?

If you carry tools and equipment from the UK to Ireland, customs formalities are required. You MUST present your goods to Customs on arrival to Ireland.

A Pre-Boarding Notification (PBN) is required for all tools and equipment booked as freight on the direct ferry services from UK to Ireland.

A PBN ID can be generated by the Freightlink Port Pass Generator and must include reference to an oral declaration, the Import Declaration or ATA Carnet reference number.


When you are on the ferry and before you arrive in Ireland (30 minutes before docking) you must check whether you are free to leave the port on arrival or you must call to customs.

To get your channel you should enter your PBN ID on Revenue’s Customs RoRo Service.


Where a 'Call to Customs' channel is received, follow the instructions provided to report to Customs.

In the event you have no Customs channel on arrival in an Irish Port, please 'Call to Customs'.

Please note, failing to call to Customs and exiting the Port without customs clearance, could give rise to a penalty for each vehicle/trailer.

Failure to pay a Customs Penalty could lead to legal action.

19 October 2022

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