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Freightlink Customer Experience - Richard's Story

If you follow us on social media you will know just how important your feedback is to us. Our team works so hard to make sure that you have a brilliant experience; whether it’s by taking your booking on the phone, ensuring the best customer experience on our website or just by simply answering your questions through our live chat service- at Freightlink, we really do care. Customer service is our number one priority.

We want to tell you the tale of one of our customers and his experience with Freightlink...

Richard’s Story

Richard works within the UK for a logistics firm and recently needed to transport some sculptures to his clients who reside in mainland Europe. The sculptures were delicate and valuable, so he knew that he needed to use a trustworthy and reliable service to help him ensure that his goods were protected and safe.

Richard had never moved goods between the UK and Europe before and was a little apprehensive of what he needed to do. Especially given the fact that we were in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic and he was unsure as to whether bookings could still be taken. Feeling overwhelmed, Richard turned to Google where his search led him to Freightlink.

"I called and spoke with Becky. She answered all of my questions, gave me advice regarding making my way around the website and what was necessary at that time for me to know."

customer service teamAfter looking around the website, Richard felt reassured and clear about the procedures in place and decided to call one of our helpful team members to walk him through the booking process.

One of our team members Becky guided Richard through the website booking experience, answered all of his questions and demonstrated how the process was essentially tailored for his requirements. He commented on the fact that he never felt as though the team member was just reading off a script. This put his mind at ease and stopped him from worrying about his trip.

After weighing up his options, Richard decided to use the Eurotunnel Freight service. When Richard got to the Folkestone terminal check-in, he was able to type in a reference number and board the train with ease.

Richard reached his destination in plenty of time. His clients were happy with the timely way in which their goods had been delivered and noted that they were going to be doing business with Richard again in the future.

"My client was very, very happy and said they will be using me again for their European business in the future so thank you to Freightlink and most importantly thank you to Becky, much appreciated for your quality and time (and call back, after service calls are priceless!)"

At Freightlink we always want you to receive the best possible service. Our team know that your freight journey is important to you and make sure that you receive the best treatment possible in order to get to your destination on time. In Richard’s case, talking to our team informed him of the coronavirus restrictions within the countries he was visiting (letting him know what documentation he needed to bring, what facilities were available etc) and helped him to navigate the freight process for the first time.

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08 September 2020

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