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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep – a Commercial Driver’s Guide

February 28th was National Public Sleeping Day, so whilst members of the public tried to grab some shut eye, for commercial drivers it was just another day!

Most commercial drivers take their rest periods in a lay-by or a truck park, so you know better than anyone how difficult it can be to successfully grab some shut eye when privacy and peace doesn’t come easily.

Celebrate the joy of a good night’s sleep by trying some of our top tips. Whether it’s just a 45-minute roadside nap or a nine-hour long slumber.

Invest in Proper Sleeping Equipment

A raggedy sleeping bag and a £1 eye mask might cut it for a decent night sleep when you’re a sixteen-year-old at a Festival, but most of us find sleeping can be difficult even if it’s just because of an uncomfortable bed. Fork out on some proper bedding to make your night a far more pleasant experience. Whilst most articulated lorries come equipped with a bed for tramping, very few can be deemed as very comfortable.

It may seem like a hassle, especially if you share vans, but bringing along a comfortable duvet, pillow and HGV appropriate mattress topper will revolutionise your night sleep.

Throw in a decent pack of ear plugs and you won’t know the difference between your cab and the luxury suite at the Ritz… If you’re skeptical, give it a whirl - you can thank us later!

Park Safely

Whilst it may not always be convenient, always make sure that you have parked in an appropriate place to get some shut eye. It may be handy when you’re pulling off the M1, but ASDA’s 24-hour car park is not going to be conducive to a refreshing night sleep. You’ll probably end up with a parking fine too. Not only is it dangerous for both yourself and your cargo, but feeling unsafe and anxious is also terrible when you are trying to sleep. In fact, it is probably the reason you’re waking up so often, feeling like you haven’t rested at all.

Park safely! Speak with other drivers and do a Google search to find out where you can park across Europe. We recommend the intruck app to ensure you can always find somewhere safe to pull up when the need arises.

Prepare for a Better Sleep

Like anything, failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Adopt that approach when you are planning your rest periods. Try and remain in tune with your body’s natural sleep schedule and try to schedule your stops around that. Sleeping at about the same time each day will help improve not only the quality of sleep that you’re getting, but also how easily you fall asleep.

Ensure that you are getting at least 7 hours of interrupted sleep a night, the minimum recommended amount. In order to achieve this, avoid liquids before bed and limit your caffeine intake prior to trying to fall asleep, all of which will prevent you from sleeping soundly.

It is also wise to keep your cab cool and dark, which in winter isn’t necessarily a difficult feat, just make sure that the duvet you bring is a good tog!

What are your top tips for sleeping in public? Get in touch and let us know Until then, happy sleeping!

09 March 2020

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