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Irish Government Approves Emergency Funding for Irish Sea Ferry Routes

The Irish Government has approved emergency funding for five key ferry routes on the Irish Sea.

The five Irish ferry routes Dublin - Cherbourg, Rosslare - Fishguard, Rosslare - Pembroke, Rosslare - Bilbao and Rosslare - Cherbourg have been designated as Public Service Obligation (PSO) with funding of around 15 million EUR towards maintaining the ferry services.

The emergency measure will be for a period of three months and apply to Irish Ferries, Stena Line and Brittany Ferries.

Minister for Transport, Shane Ross said

“Measures to control the coronavirus pandemic have now practically stopped passenger traffic on combined passenger/roll-on roll-off ferries on the southern and Continental routes to and from Ireland.

It has become clear that urgent measures are necessary to assist in the continuation of roll-on roll-off freight transport on these services over the next few months.

The five routes in question are of strategic importance to Ireland because they ensure the robustness and resilience of Ireland’s lifeline supply chain which is critically important at this time for the movement of goods, including food and medical supplies, into and out of Ireland."

09 April 2020

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