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P&O Ferries Update - Freight Drivers Into Belgium

Please see below criteria in relation to self-drive units shipping into Belgium with immediate effect.

Criteria are:

  • Belgian Nationals if longer than 48 hrs in a red zone > obligation to fill in the passenger location form not more than 48 hrs prior to arrival in Belgium (PLF recently updated with a automated risk assessment)
  • Non-Belgians: see below, they can ship but need to fill out the PLF and if longer than 48 hrs in a red zone (thus UK), they will need a covid test not more than 48 hrs prior to shipping.

All drivers must complete the form in the following attachment.

Website PLF: https://travel.info-coronavirus.be/nl/public-health-passenger-locator-form

Passenger Locator Form

If you plan to travel to Belgium or return to Belgium after a stay abroad, you are required to:

  • Read the latest travel advice
  • Fill in a Passenger Locator Form in the 48 hours before your arrival in Belgium

Who has to fill in this questionnaire?

This form has to be completed by :

  • All persons traveling to Belgium by airplane or boat

Self-assessment questionnaire

Since October 1, 2020, you are asked to complete a self-assessment questionnaire on your travel and / or stay abroad conditions, regardless of the area (s) you are returning from.

In case there is a change in your place of residence -

If, upon arrival in Belgium, you are invited to get a COVID-19 test and would change your place of residence during the next 14 days, please inform us of this change by e-mail at PLFBelgium@health.fgov.be.

21 December 2020

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