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Stena Line Update - New Brexit Related Operational Costs

Currently, we have ended up in the situation where Stena Line (Port & Terminals) spend a lot of time correcting incorrectly entered data. Consider, for example, a situation in which the goods description, gross weight, document type or document number does not match the entry in the ENS. As a result of this incorrect information, our own procedures and regulations with Customs and Port Authorities are being highlighted and addressed to us too. This creates a problem, because the wrong data is resulting in not unloading the vessel on arrival, goods cannot be released and therefore are blocked at our terminal. And you as a customer cannot see if your import declarations have been accepted. This is not a desirable situation for all parties involved.

Up to now Stena Line (Port & Terminals) has made the adjustments in order to disrupt the flow as little as possible and to serve you as much as possible. We have temporarily opted for this, because Brexit is a completely new aspect for the transportation business shipping to and from the UK and therefore a learning process. To continue providing you with this high level of service we have organized a special Customs Support Department within Stena Line to assist you in issues you are facing and making the necessary adjustment.

In order to do so, as from 1st of March, 2021 we will have the following procedure in place:

Import ENS / T documents

  1. Customer reports to ‘Customs Support Department’ (CSD) that unit is not released by Dutch customs.
  2. Customer will receive a form via email.
  3. Customer will contact Dutch Customs about “on hold” reason.
  4. Customer will send form to CSD with clear description of the adjustment to be made and is authorizing Stena Line to make the adjustment.
  5. CSD confirms to the customer that the adjustment is done and the unit is released by the Dutch Customs.
  6. To apply to the ENS and SAL regulations (submit no later than 2 hours prior ETA), we are forced to adjust the EORI without your authorization to prevent stagnation of the unloading.


  1. Operational Freight Service (OFS) receives a rejection email from Portbase.
  2. OFS informs customer via (standard) e-mail that the unit is on hold (even if we do not receive an email from Portbase)
  3. Stena Line is forced to transfer your booking to another sailing when the cut-off time of departure approaches.
  4. Customer will contact Dutch Customs about “on hold” reason.
  5. Customer will return email with clear description of the adjustment to de made and authorizes Stena Line to do so.
  6. OFS takes care of adjustment so that shipping can take place.

In order to provide this service to you, please find below the following tariffs:

  • ENS, T Documents etc. (Mon-Fri 08.00 -17.30) : Basic tariff € 35,00- per goods line € 5,00
  • EORI adjustments € 10,00
  • Export adjustments : Basic tariff € 35,00- per goods line € 5,00
  • Release fee (pls see attachment letter)
  • Basic tariff € 250,00
  • Storage per day 4 - 7 € 10,00
  • Storage per day 7 - 14 € 17,00
  • Storage per day > 15 € 32,00

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25 February 2021

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