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UK Operators Worth Shouting About

Did you know that we have exceptional rates for 1000s of freight ferry routes across the UK and EU?

We are proud to connect van drivers, manufacturers, couriers, hauliers and many other businesses (ranging from SMEs to large enterprises) to over 50 countries from across the continent.

When it comes to choosing the best routes going to, from or within the UK, there’s too many to mention.

So, here’s just a few examples of the excellent operators whose UK routes we offer at industry-leading rates:

Caledonian MacBrayne

You might have heard this operator referred to as “CalMac” before, but that’s just because short and simple is what they do best.

CalMac provides plenty of routes between mainland Scotland and almost two-dozen of the major Scottish islands, including their ever popular Portavadie - Tarbert (Loch Fyne) route.

Find the CalMac operator schedules here.

Please note - all vehicles traveling with CalMac will be required to have 3 lashing points. Without this you will not be able to transport goods with CalMac.


When transporting goods between the UK and Mainland Europe, there are plenty of alternatives to Dover ⇄ Calais or England to France.

One of the operators making this easier for businesses is Sea-Cargo, a leading unaccompanied freight ferry service operating between the UK and Norway.

With our exceptional rates, and the support of our sister company CustomsLink, you can seamlessly transport your goods (and fulfil your customs obligations) between the UK and Scandinavia.

Wightlink Ferries

Every year, Wightlink Ferries carries more than 200,000 freight vehicles between the UK mainland and the Isle of Wight.

With 12 + crossings per day each way, their Portsmouth ⇄ Fishbourne and Lymington ⇄ Yarmouth routes provide the perfect opportunity for businesses to trade seamlessly between England and the Isle of Wight.

Isle of Man Steam Packet

We couldn’t leave this one off the list.

You may not know this, but Isle of Man Steam Packet is actually the oldest shipping company in the world and has been operating since 1830.

While passengers have a wider selection of crossings to choose from, the Heysham ⇄ Douglas route for freight drivers sales up to 3x per day, with each crossing taking just 4 hours.

Whilst onboard, drivers can enjoy complimentary meals and more.

Northlink Ferries

With daily sailings from Aberdeen to Orkney, Aberdeen to Shetland, and Lerwick (Shetland) to Scrabster for rigids, artics and vans, Northlink Ferries makes transport between the Scottish Isles and mainland Scotland, straightforward.

Alternatively, for travel between Kirkwall Harbour, Orkney, and Lerwick Harbour, Shetland, the Kirkwall to Lerwick route will help you to seamlessly transport your goods between the two Scottish Isles.

That’s it for today!

This article covered a small portion of operators taking the UK seas by storm. So, if nothing caught your eye, don’t worry.

Discover our other freight ferry routes & get one-on-one booking support by getting in touch with us today. Our multilingual team of experts will help you find the best routes and sailings for your business and budget.

24 January 2023

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