UK to Baltic Sea Countries

Baltic sea ferry routesThe Baltic Sea region consists of Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Various freight ferry routes are available from the UK to the Baltic Sea countries.

UK to Denmark

The only direct route from the UK to Denmark is Immingham to Esbjerg with DFDS Seaways. Six crossings a week are available taking 18 1/2 hours.

Alternatively, you can get to Denmark by ferry via Dover - Calais, Dover - Dunkerque or by Eurotunnel from Folkestone - Calais.

UK to Poland

Many drivers travelling to Poland prefer a simple Channel crossing (Dover - Calais, Dover - Dunkerque or Folkstone - Calais) but you can also take the ferry from Immingham to Cuxhaven in North Germany. Cuxhaven puts you just over 600 km from Szczecin in North West Poland. This is around a 5 1/2 hour drive.

UK to Latvia

As before, journeys to Latvia begin with a crossing to mainland Europe via the Channel. To reach Latvia, depending on driving requirements, there is a ferry from Stockholm to Riga once a day with a crossing time of 17 hours. This will require a combined travel ticket for both the ferry between Germany & Sweden and The Oresund Bridge.

A ferry from Travemunde in North Germany is available once a week with a crossing time of around 25 hours. There are also 2 crossing a week to Liepaja taking around 27 hours.

The ferry route to Ventspils is ideal if you want to minimise driving time and are heading for Riga, with a driving time of only 2 hours 20 minutes.

UK to Lithuania

The quickest ferry route to Lithuania from the UK is from Karlshamn in Sweden to Klaipeda with one ferry crossing a day taking around 14 hours. The best way to reach Sweden from the UK is via the Channel, a combined travel ticket for both the ferries between Germany & Denmark/Sweden and The Oresund Bridge. Klapideia is approximately 3 hours from the capital, Vilnius.

UK to Estonia

After crossing the Channel and reaching Sweden via the ferry / Orseund Bridge route, four crossings to Paldiski in Estonia from Kapellskar in Sweden (north of Stockholm) are available each week with a travel time of around 11 hours. Paldiski is ideally located to the west of Tallinn with a drive of under an hour.

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