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Baltic sea ferry routes

Need a convenient freight ferry transport solution for your business? Transporting your goods between the UK and Baltic Sea countries is easier than you might think.

The Baltic Sea region consists of Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

There are lots of freight ferry routes available between the UK and countries around the Baltic Sea - read on to discover some of our favourites!

UK to Denmark

The only direct route from the UK to Denmark is Immingham to Esbjerg with DFDS Seaways. Six crossings are available each week taking around 18 1/2 hours each.

Alternatively, you can get to Denmark by ferry via Dover ⇄ Calais, Dover ⇄ Dunkerque or by Eurotunnel from Folkestone ⇄ Calais, and your driver/s can transport your goods the rest of the way.

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UK to Poland

Many drivers travelling to Poland prefer a simple Channel crossing (Dover ⇄ Calais, Dover ⇄ Dunkerque or Folkestone ⇄ Calais) but you can also take the ferry from Immingham to Cuxhaven in North Germany.

Once at Cuxhaven, your goods will be just over 600 km from Szczecin in North West Poland. This is around a 5 1/2 hour drive.

UK to Latvia

As before, journeys to Latvia begin with a crossing to mainland Europe via the Channel. To reach Latvia, depending on driving requirements, there is a ferry from Travemunde in Germany to Liepaja in Latvia.

This service, operated by Stena Line, is available once a day (apart from Saturdays) with a crossing time of around 25 hours. Stena Line also offers berth in a shared cabin, complimentary meals and more.

If you would prefer a longer drive and a shorter ferry, the Nynashamn ⇄ Ventspils route (which sails 2x per day) has a crossing time of around 10 hours, taking your goods from Sweden to Latvia in less than half a day.

UK to Lithuania

The best way to reach Sweden from the UK is via the DFDS Immingham to Gothenburg route.

From here, the quickest ferry route to Lithuania from the UK is from Karlshamn in Sweden to Klaipeda, with one ferry crossing a day taking around 14 hours. DFDS also offers berth in a shared cabin and complimentary meals on this route.

UK to Estonia

After crossing the Channel and reaching Sweden via the ferry / Orseund Bridge route, daily crossing/s to Paldiski in Estonia from Kapellskar in Sweden (north of Stockholm) are available each week with a travel time of around 11 hours. Paldiski is ideally located to the west of Tallinn with a drive of under an hour.

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