UK to France

Every year, countless businesses transport their goods between the UK and France, and with good reason.

Whether you are transporting your goods from the UK to France or are planning to drive your goods to other countries in the EU via the French ports, there’s a UK to France route for every business.

Dover ⇄ Calais

Dover to Calais is the most popular ferry route for vans, rigids and artics to travel from England to France. It offers the most flexible option for travelling to all other areas of France.

DFDS Seaways sail from Dover to Calais 10 times per day, which takes around 90 minutes and tickets are all open so you can travel on the first (and most convenient) ferry after you have arrived at the port.

Also operating on this essential route are Irish Ferries and P&O Ferries. Both operators also provide complimentary meals.

With Calais being the most popular arrival port in France it has easy access to all areas of France including Paris, Lille, Lyon and Montpellier.

Dover ⇄ Dunkerque

Another popular ferry route from the UK to France is from Dover to Dunkerque.

This route is also operated by DFDS Seaways and sails every two hours. Just like their Dover Calais offering, DFDS provides open tickets so that you can choose the sailing that suits you.

Ferries from Dover to Dunkerque take around 1 hour 45 minutes and are a great option for travelling to North East France. The port of Dunkerque (also written as ‘Dunkirk’ in many publications) is also much quieter than the port of Calais, making for a more stress-free journey.

Drivers travelling back to the UK from Dunkerque can also enjoy advanced check-in benefits. For example, DFDS have a free parking facility available 24/7 at Dunkerque port for DFDS customers.

Folkestone ⇄ Calais with Eurotunnel

Another popular freight route is the Eurotunnel train from Folkestone to Calais, which is great for van drivers who need to make an urgent delivery across the channel. With up to 6 trains per hour you can be in France in less than 90 minutes.

Eurotunnel Freight is the quickest, most affordable and practical way to ship your cargo between the UK and Continental Europe.

Eurotunnel Freight also offers additional services specifically for van drivers, including their Eurotunnel VP and VP Flexi services. These will allow you to avoid peak freight travel times and arrange immediate travel.

Other ferry routes

For travel to Brittany and Normandy, ferries on the Western Channel from the South Coast of England are ideal.

Ferries to Brittany are popular for artics and rigids because they allow time for drivers to have rest breaks on board the ferry.

Examples of these freight ferry routes are from Portsmouth to Caen, Portsmouth to Le Havre and Portsmouth to St Malo.

Onboard facilities on these ferries are very well-maintained with drivers getting cabins and meals, and overnight crossings allowing a good night’s sleep ready for an early morning arrival.

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