Martigny to Valais

10 of the Best Truck Driving Roads in Europe

As we all know, there are the roads that get you from A to B and there are roads that offer something more. We reached out to the drivers at TrucknetUK for ten of the best truck driving roads in Europe.

1. Martigny to Valais

"From Martigny through Valais and over the Simplon. The combination of massive scenery and open road is arguably as good as anything which North America can provide." Carryfast

2. The M48

"The M48 probably the quietest motorway in the world (said in my best Jeremy Clarkson voice)." Bald Bloke

Carretera de Sa Calobra3. Carretera de Sa Calobra

"Most beautiful road in Europe just has to be the Serpentine leading to Sa Colobra beach Mallorca." AndrewG

4. The E6

"The best and toughest 'long distance' road has got to be the E6 from Oslo up to Kirkenes." Hutpik

5. Autoroute des Titans

"On the Autoroute des Titans coming out of the 3.5km Tunnel Chamoise through a cliff face, straight onto the 1.9km Viaduct Neyrolles soaring over the lakes of Nantua and Sylans. Terrific road engineering, and wonderful scenery." Franglais

6. N340 South of Algeciras

"The Spanish N340 south of Algeciras. I've only travelled that once, but that was a summer sunset; past the Pillar Of Hercules, looking over the water at Africa is monumental." Franglais

7. Inverness via Ullapool

"The A835 north from Inverness via Ullapool up to Scourie is the most beautiful drive in my experience." Rigsby

8. The A1

"The A1 is probably my favourite road in the country." Ovlov Jay

Woodhead Pass9. Woodhead Pass

"I've driven some beautiful roads in France, Italy and Switzerland but I still enjoy driving over Woodhead pass any season." Knight2

10. Scotch Corner to Penrith

"In quieter times many years ago, I used to enjoy the A66 from Scotch Corner to Penrith when traffic passed through Bowes, Brough and Appleby." Gidders

... And finally

"My favourite road is the one leading to my yard." Pickandmix

Thanks to everyone who contributed. Where is your favourite road in Europe? Let us know

02 May 2017

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