Be Prepared With Your Covid-19 Travel Box

It’s important to be prepared, so keep a Covid-19 travel box packed full of essentials for every eventuality. Here are Freightlink’s top five Covid-19 Travel Box essentials:

1. Face coverings

As of the 15th June 2020, it became a legal requirement that all individuals must wear adequate facial protection on public transport. Whilst ‘public transport’ may immediately make you think of the Number 23 bus, it is worth noting that ‘public transport’ encompasses all forms of transportation where multiple individuals travel. That includes ferries and trains.

Always ensure you've packed your own as it is not standard procedure for face coverings to be handed out. If you’re especially handy, follow GOV.UK’s guide on how to fashion your own or, if that goes wrong, search for 'face coverings' online.

It is also worth packing some hand sanitiser (70% alcohol) and some anti-viral wipes to keep surfaces clean. With the virus still at large it is important you take preventative and precautionary measures to keep yourself safe even if it isn’t a legal requirement.

2. Essential food for your journey

Unfortunately, queuing is the 'new normal'. Despite restaurants and takeaways now reopening, the restrictions caused by social distancing means that it is not always possible to grab a quick bite to eat. If you’re working to strict time constraints it is likely you will get stuck in a queue, which may mean you won’t have time to eat.

Additionally, if you are planning on travelling via a ferry, not only do the shops on board remain closed, but (in many instances) drivers are not permitted to leave their cabins.

Be prepared to be unable to grab something on the road and pack some butties in advance. Avoid the supermarket queues by visiting in the evening.

3. Easy to access paperwork

In addition to all standard paperwork you need to be in possession of when entering/leaving the UK, ensure that you are equipped with all the relevant licences and travel forms when you reach the border.

Currently, all commercial drivers travelling through France must prove that travelling is essential to their line of work. This can be proven by providing a letter from your employer, a consignment note or an operator’s licence.

Travellers must also provide a Public Health Passenger Location form to provide an outline of where they are planning to travel upon their entry into the UK at least 48-hours prior to transportation. This is an extension of the government’s track and trace scheme.

4. Devices to stay in touch

Now more than ever, it is vitally important that you are contactable whilst you’re on the road.

Due to the rapidly changing situation, it is vital that you are in a position to be updated on any important changes to your journey. Ensure you pack smartphone chargers and devices so people can reach you if necessary. Remember that safety of yourself and other drivers is also incredibly important. Never check for updates whilst driving, always pull over into a safe spot before checking your notifications. If you’re unable to be reached on the road, the safety of yourself and others around you may be at risk.

5. Ways to keep yourself entertained

Currently, on most crossings in and out the UK, drivers are unable to leave their cabins when travelling. Prepare yourself for the long journey by having something to do. Whether it’s a new TV show on your tablet, a good book or a self-help course that you’ve been meaning to get around to. It will be a long few hours if you’re just sat twiddling your thumbs, playing a one man game of eye spy!

Remember, the most important thing that you can do when travelling is stay safe and be prepared. What’s in your Covid 19 box? Get in touch on our social media to let us know!

15 July 2020

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