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Brittany Ferries Update: No-Show and Cancellation Policy

Brittany Ferries has released a statement regarding 'No-Shows' and cancellations;

The issue of no-shows and late cancellations continues to impact our own costs, as well as to inconvenience customers on services where demand is high, notably our UK-Spain-UK routes.

Brittany Ferries' Conditions of Carriage (Clause 4 - Freight) make clear that the full value of a shipment becomes payable from the time that a booking is requested by the Shipper, whether or not the vehicle or trailer is subsequently presented for shipment. This clause has been enforced only intermittently in the past, but action must now be taken to improve performance, for the benefit of all.

Whilst the Conditions of Carriage will not change, in practice we will be applying the following charges in event of a no-show* on our Spain-UK-Spain services, with effect from 1 July 2019.

  • EUR - 120 per unit
  • GBP - 100 per unit

We understand that the transport industry, by its nature, is fast-moving and flexible. We will therefore allow a margin of 2.5% of customers' average monthly volumes on relevant routes, before raising an invoice at month-end. It is our sincere hope that this new regime will reduce no-shows to such a level that charging will be unnecessary. We will review statistics in respect of late cancellations over the coming months and take a view at the end of 2019.

*No-Shows are confirmed bookings that are not used or cancelled at the scheduled sailing time of a given departure.

17 June 2019

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