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A Driver's Guide to a Last Minute Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here again!

In our personal experience, there’s two split camps on the holiday of Romance. The group who have pre-ordered the two dozen roses, personalised cards and string quartet for their loved one by late November, and the rest who regard Valentine’s Day as a money spinner that has conditioned sapless romantics into believing that love is valued by how much is spent.

We tried this excuse too... our other half wasn’t having it either.

So here we are again. It’s the 14th February and we are completely unprepared and have no idea what to get our better halves. Fear not, here are a few ideas.

Romantic words

There is nothing as thoughtful as telling your other half how much they are loved through verse. Run into the shop and buy something to write on. If you’re running low on cash, nip to Burger King, grab some napkins, nick a pen from the lottery stand and you’re on your way to a winner – say you were overcome with spontaneous devotion. Take ten minutes and let the adoration flow. Let your partner know how grateful you are that they look after you and put up with your Mother. If you’re drawing a blank, Google like your life depends on it.

Go all out with the Valentine’s Day cliché

It’s about as original as the next ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ girl band, but you can never go wrong with flowers, chocolate, cringy card and alcohol. Or some amalgamation of the above. Better yet, it can be picked up from every roadside service station or truck stop. Yes, it might be overpriced, but fool-proof solution. If they ask why the flowers are so battered and half dead, profess how you cradled them in your loving embrace. In reality, they’ll know that was all that was left in the garage at 7pm, but they’ll appreciate the sentiment, all the same.

Show them you listen

Everybody likes to be heard by their partner. Spend today listening to their latest demands. This one is a gamble - it may be considered thoughtful or it may be considered a passive aggressive stance against them.

What do they like?

Everyone has a special something that they enjoy. Pick up something to show how much you know your better half. This one is hard. Not because you don’t know them, but because their heart’s desire may not be for sale in the 24-hour garage off the M1. We’ve found you can’t go wrong with a snack box, so stock up with all their favourites. We’re not just talking about a variety pack of Monster Munch and a miniature bottle of J20. No, we’re talking the full kit and caboodle. Galaxy Yoghurts, Southern Fried Fridge Raiders, Mini Cheddars, a box of Roses, some ready-made screen wash and some Lemon and Lime Tic Tacs. Present your heartfelt gift with the largest eyes and the biggest smile you can muster.

What are your favourite Valentine’s Day traditions, from the road or otherwise? Let us know

14 February 2020

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