Eight Useful Smartphone Apps for Truck & Van Drivers (2019)

In 2017 we asked our truck driving friends at TruckNetUK for some useful app recommendations. Here is an updated list of apps we also think are invaluable to both truckers and road users alike.

DFDS Freight Ferry AlertsDFDS Freight Ferry Alerts

Instant, real-time notifications about DFDS sailings on the English Channel for freight drivers. Simply follow the sailings you are interested in and you’ll get push notifications when check-in is open, when it closes, whether the sailing is delayed and if there is any other information relevant to your crossing.

Android | iOS

Bans for trucksBans for Trucks

Periodic restrictions and bans for trucks throughout Europe including GVW tonnage bans, trailers and ADR. Periodic and temporary bans including summer, winter and holidays.



intruck is the brand new, go-to app that allows users to search for and locate truck stops across the country, allowing you to filter for just SNAP sites where you can see the real-time availability and easily pre-book, so you are always guaranteed a place.

Android | iOS

Seatruck Freight Ferry AlertsSeatruck Freight Ferry Alerts

Keep up-to-the-minute with live sailing information and notifications on Seatruck Ferries across the Irish Sea. Subscribe to complete routes, or individual sailings.

Android | iOS

Doc Scanner

Instead of having to scan your documents (time sheets, receipts, vehicle checklists) back at the office, with the Doc Scanner app, drivers can scan anything with their smartphone cameras and share in a multiple of formats. You can also enhance the quality and convert the document to PDF or JPEG.



Perfect for drivers who are always try to improve their skills, OSeven is ideal for all road users. Using GPS technology, the app registers when you’re in motion and registers speed, mobile usage and level of aggressive driving (harsh accelerations and braking, for example). It then provides an overall score to rate how well you use the road and is the perfect way for employers to keep track of their driver’s performance. Allowing for statistics to be shared, it helps keep the roads safer and make your driving more economical.

Android | iOS

Voice Text

Perfect for busy drivers who don't have Bluetooth but need to safely contact others when on the road. The app converts speech directly into text and allows for messages to be sent via email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook. It also reads out messages and allow for hands free calls to be made. Users can also save converted scripts for later use.


CoPilot Truck GPSCoPilot (Navigation) for Truck Users

CoPilot offers a series of apps for different kinds of vehicle users. What makes this system special is the fact that it works completely offline without using any data, allowing for full usage without eating into your internet allowance. Voice recognition and saved routes allow you to personalise the app to make it your own.

Android | iOS

08 January 2019

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