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'Europe on the Move' Proposals to Simplify Cabotage Rules

The European Commission is proposing to simplify cabotage rules across the EU with it's 'Europe on the Move' initiatives.

Currently, EU rules allow for three cabotage operations within seven days of delivery. The new rules will allow for unlimited operations within five days of the delivery.

Another EU proposal states that drivers must take their weekly rests outside of the cabin, taking advantage of additional accomodation during long distance transport work.

Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc said

"The EU has a unique opportunity to not only lead the modernisation of road transport at home, but also globally. Our reforms will set the foundation for standardised, digital road solutions, fairer social conditions and enforceable market rules. They will help decrease the socio-economic costs of transport, like time lost in traffic, road fatalities and serious injuries, health risks from pollution and noise, whilst serving the needs of citizens, businesses and nature. Common standards and cross-border services will also help make multimodal travel a reality across Europe."

The Europe on the Move proposal covers a lot of other conditions including the implementation of road tolls rather than distance (vignettes) when charging users. Time based systems are due to be phased out by 2023 for HGVs, with the new distance based tolls taking into account the carbon emissions of the vehicle.

It is unlikely that any of the new legislation will come into force before Brexit. However, they will eventually affect how goods move in and out of Europe from the UK.

What do you think of the new cabotage and road legislation? Will it affect your business? Let us know

24 July 2017

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