Eurotunnel Freight Update - Transporting Animal and Plant Origin Products

When transporting animal and plant origin products, a DSCE/CHED (EU sanitary document) is mandatory, in addition to MRN/ barcodes, when travelling from UK to France.

Please ensure that his document is completed by the shipper or a customs broker in the EU system TRACES NT (TRAde Control and Expert System).

To save time on arrival at the Centre Douane SIVEP, we strongly recommend that you enter the DSCE/CHED reference in advance in your Border Pass. This will speed up the inspection process as the French authorities will be able to process the documentation whilst the vehicle is on its way to France.


  • With a Border Pass, the vehicle is automatically recognised at UK Pit Stop and the drivers do not need to present any documents.
  • Without a Border pass, your drivers must present their MRN/barcodes to the UK Pit Stop agent and declare that they are carrying Sanitary and PhytoSanitary (SPS) products. Please note that they also have to declare if goods are exclusively seafood products.
  • On arrival in France, drivers are automatically instructed to follow the orange itinerary to the Centre Douane SIVEP for inspection except for seafood products (carried out at the Boulogne-sur-mer SIVEP).
  • They will need to go directly to the CDS building with their customs and sanitary documents where the Eurotunnel Border Service team welcomes your drivers 24/7.

Please note that the sanitary certificates are also requested by the French authorities, therefore any missing or uncomplete documents will delay the inspection or could require returning your vehicle to the UK.

Please make your drivers aware of these requirements to ensure they have a smooth border crossing.

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09 February 2021

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