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Freightlink Customer Experience - Ainars, Andrew & Steve’s Stories

Sometimes simple things can become extremely complicated. With Freightlink you will find that something that could be quite complex has been amended to become fairly simple. With our user-friendly interface and dedicated team working hard to make sure your questions are answered, you never have to worry about making a booking.

Ainars Story

Before making a booking, Ainars was apprehensive about what to expect. As Ainars hadn’t had much experience within the ferry booking process in the past, the prospect of getting everything right seemed fairly daunting. Ainars reached out to Yanislav, a multi-lingual member of our team, who was able to help with all of the questions that Ainars had. This included being able to assist with budget and pricing difficulties.

Ainars was an incredibly happy customer and thanked Yanislav for the ‘great experience’ that they were able to have due to Freightlink’s attention to the customer experience.

“Thanks Yanislav for help in situations when we have struggle(d).”

Andrew’s Story

Andrew needed to make a booking whilst he was travelling. Fortunately, Andrew had the Freightlink App installed and was able to sort his booking using his smartphone.

Andrew was facing a lot of time-pressure to get his booking made and his goods loaded onboard. He was thrilled that the service Freightlink provides enabled him to make his booking quickly and easily. He was able to get his goods onboard without any difficulty, making his life and job a lot simpler!

“Just what a business needs when up against the clock for time-bound goods”

Steve’s Story

Steve has used the Freightlink service in the past and knows what to expect. He trusts Freightlink to deliver a high quality, straightforward service.

Steve needed to make an amendment to his booking. As an account holder, he called a member of our customer service team who amended his booking for free, enabling him to focus on other things that are important to him

“As always easy and straightforward to make a booking, with a simple phone call to amend the booking.”

We pay our customers a lot of attention. We want the booking process to be simple and stress-free. We know that you don’t want to spend hours organising your ferry bookings, so with Freightlink you don’t have to! Create a Freightink account now

10 December 2020

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