Freightlink Customs Experience - Erich and John

We all know that things have changed recently. From Covid to customs, transporting freight has become more challenging than ever before. Despite all of the new obstacles, our team are still here to help you.

Erich’s 'Happy' Customs Experience

Erich needed to transport freight between the UK and the EU. He knew that it was going to be a challenging task for him to fill out all of the appropriate customs documentation and that it was incredibly important that all of this documentation was filled completely and correctly.

Whilst making his booking, Erich had a few questions surrounding the new customs procedures and how they might affect his trip. He wanted to make sure that he was completely prepared and ready to travel. Our knowledgable team were able to answer Erich’s questions and make sure that he was confident and comfortable with what he needed to do. Erich was then able to pass through customs seamlessly, which he later commended our team for.

“Absolutely happy that we found Freightlink to do all our bookings with.”

John’s 'Effortless' Booking

John needed to make a freight ferry booking and decided to use the services that Freightlink had to offer. When John made his booking he was really happy at the high standard of customer service that he received. He asked for some guidance with regards to the changes that have recently been made to customs proceedings.

John knew that it was crucial that his documentation was completed prior to arriving at the port of departure and decided to ask our team for help and advice to ensure that he was completely ready for the journey. Our well-informed team were able to give John advice that enabled him to pass through customs effortlessly.

“Excellent support and guidance from the staff. Ensured that the booking and passing through customs was effortless.”

We know that the world is a little confusing right now. Let us help you to maintain some sense of normality. Our team are still here and working hard to make sure that you can continue to import and export goods amidst all of the changes. Book now!

11 February 2021

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