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Grimaldi Lines Update : Storage Rules Change Due to Congestion

Grimaldi Lines has informed us that;

Considering the very serious congestion of the port areas dedicated to Short Sea traffic, the repercussions on the operations of the ships, the activity and timing of reception and delivery of your trailers to the port of Liverno and the negative repercussions that certainly also affected your planning logistics, Grimaldi has decided to take action to improve the above mentioned activities that are of mutual interest.

Therefore, please note the following provisions will be applied to all customers regarding the stops of vehicles at the Livorno Terminal;

  • Free storage will be guaranteed for 48 hours after discharge;
  • Starting from the 49th hour, if the withdrawal of the vehicles will not be carried out, a surcharge of €20 per day will be applied.

This initiative aims to make all the logistics and transport companies aware of the importance of speeding up the withdrawal of commercial vehicles from the terminal in order to optimise and speed up the terminal operations of loading and unloading. All this is necessary in order to urge those operators who leave the semitrailers parked for several days or weeks to congest the terminal slowing down the embarkation and disembarkation, risking not to start the ships on time and thus causing delays in the port of arrival and consequent disservices.

22 February 2019

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