Mercedes Benz Actros

HGV Spotlight 2019 - New Mercedes Benz Actros & Ford F-Max 500

2019 means one thing… it’s time to announce the transport market’s newest models. Here are two of the newest truck models that we are the most excited about.

Mercedes Benz Actros

Mercedes have never been afraid to make waves in the industry with groundbreaking designs. The 2019 Actros is no different.Mercedes Benz Actros

The new model is set to become the first truck in the world to offer self-driving options, with the vehicle able to drive itself with minimal driver input. It is also the first HGV vehicle to be ‘fully digitalised’, with the new aircraft like dashboard.

The dashboard features two interactive 10 inch colour display screens. One will document driving information including the speedometer, rev counter and fuel gauge, whilst the second features a personalisable centre to cater to each driver’s individual needs.

Apart from making its driver feel like the commander of a spaceship, the new Actros is said to improve on efficiency, durability and safety when compared to previous models.

Features such as the curved cab increase visibility whilst also reducing the truck’s level of fuel consumption.

Conventional wingmirrors have been replaced with ‘mirror cams’, providing an all-round view and minimising the risk of blindspots. The removal of the mirrors also increases the vehicle’s aerodynamics making it even more fuel efficient. For the more conventional driver, the Actros comes with clip on mirrors.

The vehicle’s driver assist system is more advanced than other systems available on competitive models. The new Actros gives the driver the ability of semi-automatic driving at all speeds including proximity control assist, stop and go and lane keeping assist.

Ford F-Max 500

Voted 2019’s International Truck of the Year 2019, the Ford F-Max 500 offers a new level of luxury over its rivals.Ford F-Max

Providing a 2160mm floor-ceiling height and a 260mm seat adjustment, the F-Max tries to include all the comforts of home to make your cab feel like a room, rather than a vehicle.

With storage space that is roomy and easy to reach from the driver’s seat, the cab also features airplane-style overhead storage to utilise the height of the cab’s size, avoiding wasting precious space at driving level.

In addition, the cab also features an innovative 90-degree foldable overhead bed, which can be folded away for additional space when not in use. The mattress of which has also been praised for its comfort.

The vehicle’s fuel consumption has also been improved on previous models by 6% due to its superior aerodynamics, powertrain calibration and technical features, ensuring outstanding performance.

The F-MAX also includes Ford’s revolutionary technology ‘ConnecTruck’, offering a wide range of benefits. This includes remote monitoring of the vehicle using remote diagnostic and specialised topographic mapping to analyze road conditions, allowing the vehicle to travel at optimum speed, thus reducing fuel consumption by a further 4%.

FMS Integration also allows for ConnecTruck to act as a data gateway for third-party fleet management, allowing access to selected vehicle data. This makes sending statistical data easy for drivers who need to report to their fleet managers.

Additional features include Adaptive Cruise Control, Predictive Cruise Control, Eco-Mode, Advanced Emergency Brake Systems, Hill Launch Assist and Lane Departure Warning to name just a few.

The internal cab also features a fully digitalised dashboard - the 8-inch screen displays tyre pressure, temperature status, speedometer, Bluetooth connections, media centre and other pivotal information.

26 March 2019

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