The Importance of IMO Numbers on ENS Declarations

Making sure that your ENS declarations are accurate is essential to ensure that you are able to make your ferry crossing and continue conducting trade with minimal issues.

What is an ENS?

Your Safety and Security Declaration (SSD) (in this instance an ENS (Entry Summary Declaration)) will be used to assess and monitor the risk that goods may carry when they are crossing over into the border of a different customs territory. Making sure that these goods are monitored is crucial and you will not be able to conduct trade without a complete declaration.

Part of the requirement of an ENS is stating the vessel you are travelling on. This is done by using the international vessel registration system known as an IMO number.

What is an IMO Number?

An IMO (International Maritime Organisation) number is a unique identifier that is given to all ships when they are constructed in order to monitor maritime safety, pollution prevention and to prevent fraud. This will always start with the letters “IMO”, which is then followed by seven numbers.

For example, DFDS Dunkerque Seaways, which operates between Dunkerque and Dover has an IMO number of IMO9293076. Seatruck Pace, which operates between Liverpool and Dublin has an IMO number of IMO9350678.

Information Required for an ENS

When you complete your ENS you need to provide the IMO number of the vessel that you will be travelling upon. It is imperative that the IMO number that is submitted on the ENS matches that of the ship that you will be travelling on. Failure to submit a correct declaration will slow down your journey and prevent you from travelling until all of the documentation is completed correctly.

Making sure that your ENS is completed correctly is imperative to ensure the smooth movement of Freight transport. Make sure that your declarations are correct with the CustomsLink ENS builder!

05 March 2021

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