one month left - are you ready

One Month Left - Are You Ready?

There is only one month left to go until the end of the transition period. If you aren’t prepared by the 31st December 2020, then you can expect to face delays, fines and potentially lose business. Not a great way to start a new year.

You may be waiting to find out the results of UK/EU negotiations and think that getting prepared when things may change is a waste of time. Whilst we aren’t completely sure about the outcome of deal negotiations, don't put yourself in an incredibly stressful situation by waiting.

New customs processes are definitely coming. As a business owner, see these changes as an opportunity for growth and new business. Be the trader or haulier who acquires new customers.

We want to highlight some key things you MUST sort to be prepared for January. We want to make sure that you know how to get ready and what you need to focus on.

EORI Numbers

When trading with EU member states you must have EORI numbers. These EORI number will act as a form of identification and will allow you to continue trading successfully.

When trading with the EU you will need to have two EORI numbers - a GB EORI and EU EORI.

When trading with Northern Ireland you will need to have another EORI number beginning with XI.

Applying for an EORI number is free and it will take five working days to receive one.

Apply for an EORI number now!

Safety & Security Declaration - Entry / Exit Summary Declarations

It is the hauliers responsibility to complete Safety and Security Declarations and make sure that they are submitted to the correct place.

Some ferry companies will submit your declarations to the relevant ICS (import control system) for you whilst others will expect the haulier to submit it directly to the appropriate ICS. It is important you know what you are doing as you will need to submit your SSD in order to claim your Port Pass, which must be submitted prior to your arrival at the port of departure.

You need 19 pieces of information from your C88 (customs declaration) for your SSD so communication within your supply chain is vital!

Our friends at CustomsLink have a solution. They have a SSD builder that can sort out both your ENS (entry summary declarations) and EXS (exit summary declarations) with their SSD builder to help give you peace of mind.

Port Passes (Pre-Lodgement Systems)

Hauliers will also be responsible for getting a Port Pass. A Port Pass (otherwise known as a pre-lodgement/ logistics envelope system) is designed to show that all of your customs documentation has been completed prior to your arrival at the port of departure. They also work to trigger updates to let customs authorities know that goods have left another territory and reached their jurisdiction.

To create a Port Pass you will need to collect both the export and the import/transit MRN. You will need to have submitted your customs declarations (C88) and your SSD (ENS & EXS) prior to this.

This process is time-consuming and can be relatively complex. CustomsLink have a solution for this too! Using their Port-Pass builder you will be able to relax in the knowledge that everything is taken care of, giving you the opportunity to focus on your business.


CustomsLink is something you have already heard us mention a couple of times (we are very proud of it!). This service provides a digital solution to all of your customs problems! Making sure you have everything ready and in working order is so important. CustomsLink will stop you heading to the port with incorrect or missing documentation. With advanced technology and a team of customs specialists on your side, you won’t need to worry about a thing! Find out more

Getting prepared has never been more important. You no longer have the luxury of time. If you aren’t ready then you will struggle to conduct trade in the New Year. Make sure you use this last month wisely! Take a look at our UK Transition portal for everything you need to know

01 December 2020

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