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P&O Ferries Update - Teesport Gate Automation / Vehicle Booking System

Please be advised that PD Ports will be implementing an Automated Gate and Vehicle Booking System (VBS) in Teesport.

This system will require all units to be booked to quay prior to arrival at the gates for both Zeebrugge and Rotterdam services. This includes all empties.

What are the benefits?

  • Faster processing times at the gate.
  • Reduced queuing times.
  • Improved data accuracy.

What happens if a unit isn’t booked?

  • The driver will be sent to a resolution area.
  • The driver will be delayed at the terminal while they wait for the booking to be made.
  • When the booking has been confirmed with the driver the truck and unit will be in-gated by the service desk.

The Vehicle Booking System will commence from 21/05/19.

To use the VBS drivers must register for new Driver Access Cards, registration for new cards starts from 15/04/19.

Go live for the automated gate is 17/06/19.

The Gate Automation and VBS projects are managed by PD Ports, for any further questions please contact John Kay, Unitised Gate Manager, PD Ports, +44 (0) 1642 434 312, gate.automation@pdports.co.uk.

Gate Automation information (PDF)

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