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Polferries Update : Coronavirus

UPDATE 22/05/2020 09.32

When the Polish government declared an epidemic, many sanitary restrictions were introduced.

Throughout the threat, we tried to provide your drivers with a safe journey by providing disinfectants, masks, etc.

Being aware that after their work they would return to their homes and families, we placed them individually in cabins to reduce their contact with other people to a minimum.

Due to the partial frostbite of the Polish economy, passenger traffic increased. In this situation, providing individual cabins to drivers will not always be possible. However, we will continue to try very hard.

Therefore, we ask you for reason and forgiveness.

UPDATE 14/04/2020 11.49

In connection with the introduction in Poland of the obligation to cover the mouth and nose in public places from April 16, 2020, please provide your drivers with appropriate protection measures.

Protective masks will be available for a fee on our ferries.

UPDATE 31/03/2020 11.07


Due to the state of the epidemic introduced by the Polish Government and the related restrictions on movement, we have taken a number of actions to ensure the safety of our passengers and our ferries serving their crew.

However, all our efforts become ineffective without your commitment.

We make a huge request:

  1. To ensure safety, we try to offer drivers a journey in single-person cabins wherever possible. Unfortunately, our information shows that it is common practice that drivers gather a few people in one cabin and often enjoy the journey with alcohol. We realize that it is very difficult to spend many hours being locked up in a small room, which is a cabin. However, in view of the potential threat to the lives of drivers, their families and our crews, we believe that this is indisputably necessary. That is why WE AWARE and CALL FOR you to instruct and oblige your drivers to categorically change their behavior on ferries!
  2. Please, if possible, equip your drivers with disposable face masks and gloves. Some drivers are equipped with these materials and use them.
  3. Please inform your drivers that, in order to avoid the hazards described in point 1, the sale of "high-percentage" alcohol on ferries will not be conducted.

The above procedures are aimed at broadly understood safety of passengers, crew members as well as their families and relatives.

UPDATE 24/03/2020 08.58

In connection with the epidemic of the "COVID-19" coronavirus and the decision of the Port of Ystad,

Polferries suspends all transports of vehicles without drivers until further notice.

The above decision does not apply to the carriage of semi-trailers only, which will be operated in the normal manner.

UPDATE 23/03/2020 15.54

Please be informed that as from 25.03.2020 there will be changes in the employment Polferries ferries:

Świnoujście – Ystad route

  • Baltivia is withdrawn from the Świnoujście-Ystad route
  • Mazovia and Cracovia ferry services remain unchanged

Gdańsk – Nynäshamn route

  • Baltivia ferry dedicated to freights, is employed in the Nova Star ferry schedule

UPDATE 19/03/2020 11.57

All drivers travelling with Polferries should have a filled in copy of this Cargo Stowage and Securing Declaration document on them.

UPDATE 18/03/2020 11.43

Due to epidemiological safety of our lorries drivers, from 22.03.2020 passenger service on the Baltivia ferry will be limited. All passenger traffic will be redirected to Mazovia and Cracovia operated on the Świnoujście - Ystad route.

To protect your health and health of passengers, due to Coronavirus disease, public health officers kindly ask you to complete this form. Your information will help public health officers to contact you if you were exposed to a communicable disease. It is important to fill out this form completely and accurately. Your information is intended to be held in accordance with applicable laws and used only for public health purposes.

The Polish state has asked us for all passengers to fill out the attached driver health form. This is to facilitate the fight in the spread of the coronavirus.

In Ystad, it will be left to us at the terminal upon check-in, while in Gdansk, the border police, customs or equivalent authority will receive this form filled in by the passengers upon departure from the boat.


22 May 2020

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