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Scandlines Update - Coronavirus / Covid-19

UPDATE 20/03/2020 15.21

Scandlines continues its operation at a high frequency and with the focus on a fast and reliable service to our freight customers. Nevertheless, the border entry ban to passengers has led to a massive drop in pax/car traffic. Consequently, Scandlines adjusts its timetables during weekends and on a few departures with low freight utilization during the week optimizing the ship operations. The changes apply as of March 21 until further notice.

Danish authorities have decided to close the Danish border for entry. The ban applies to all passengers during the period:

  • From 12 noon on March 14 through April 13.

The entry ban does NOT apply to the following groups:

  • Freight and freight transport by truck
  • Danish citizens
  • Commuters with employment in Denmark
  • Other persons with strongly justified purpose

The ban also does not apply to freight transit traffic through Denmark by truck.

Danish border control checks the compliance with above stated restrictions at the border.

Scandlines expects to continue its operation with the current or close to current schedule until further notice.

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20 March 2020

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