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Seatruck Update - Adverse Weather Delays & Congestion at Ports

The current adverse weather forecasts will inevitably lead to delayed and cancelled sailings across all Seatruck routes.

This will lead to continued heavy congestion in Seatruck’s Dublin and Liverpool terminals. With this in mind we would request that customers do not present units for shipment that do not have confirmed bookings as we do not have the space on either of our terminals for standby units. We would also ask that units are not presented for shipping more than 24 hours in advance of their booked sailing.

It would help the congestion situation greatly if arrangements are made to remove long stay trailers from each of our terminals and this in turn will lead to safer and more efficient ship turnarounds.

We greatly appreciate any assistance in managing and easing congestion and help with the safe and quick turnaround of vessels.


12 March 2019

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