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Stena Line : Important Customer Safety Notice

Stena Line are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers both within the harbour area and on board our vessels and would like to highlight the following Health & Safety guidelines.

On-board all Stena Line Vessels – It is Prohibited to Remain in Your Cab at Sea

  • It is imperative that once any freight driver / passenger boards any Stena Line vessel that they immediately leave their vehicle and go to the passenger decks on board
  • It contravenes all Maritime Law for any passenger to remain in their vehicle or on the ships decks whilst the vessel is at sea failure to comply with this regulation will/may result in future travel bans on all Stena Line Services
  • It is essential that loading instructions and directions issued by Stena Line’s shore and deck personnel are adhered to at all times – loading ships is a complicated process and there is always a reason why you are directed to a certain location

Within the harbour area:

  • Hi-viz vests and safety footwear must be worn at all times
  • All vehicles must comply with the 10mph speed limit and Stena Line vehicles should be given priority whilst a ship is in Port.
  • All drivers disembarking the vessel must leave the port immediately.
  • Any violent or threatening behaviour shown towards crew, staff or fellow passengers will result in the immediate and permanent refusal of access to any of Stena Line’s terminals and refusal of permission to travel on any of Stena Line’s vessels.

Stena Line does not tolerate any driver consuming alcohol prior to loading, when they are still in charge of their vehicle. If a driver presents for loading showing signs of consuming alcohol they will be refused access to our vessel and local police will be advised.

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07 May 2019

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