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Stena Line Update : Cherbourg ⇄ Rosslare/Dublin Routes No-Show & Late Cancellation

I am writing to inform you of a change to our cancellation and no-show policy for vehicles travelling on the Rosslare – Cherbourg and Dublin – Cherbourg routes.

As you will be aware there has been a good deal of industry discussion around the capacity for shipments in the market to the Continent; however, at the same time we continue to see bookings cancelled on the day of sailing, which usually means that a replacement load will not be available at such short notice.

In some instances, we receive no prior notification at all before sailing cut-off which means we are also then unable to offer the deck space to our wider customer base. This effectively leads to reductions in available capacity and to a significant impact on the financial performance of these routes.

The updated policy will come into effect as of 15th March 2021 and the terms and conditions are detailed below. It is our hope that this approach will build on what is already a strong and professional relationship with our customers, creating an even better understanding of each other’s businesses moving into the future.

I should stress that the intention behind this policy is not to generate revenue but rather to steer working practices to timelines that we believe are fully realistic whilst enabling Stena Line to optimise capacity. This will reduce the need to place bookings on waitlist for customers who genuinely wish to ship on these services and improve the booking process for all customers. I hope that you will agree with this aim and will work with us to help manage these important bookings.

Terms & Conditions - Late Cancellation / No Show Policy

  • A €100.00/£90.00 Late Cancellation /No Show** fee will be introduced for vehicles travelling on the Rosslare / Dublin – Cherbourg routes
  • This applies to all account holders and applies with effect from Monday 15th March 2021
  • ** No Show – A booking will now be deemed a No Show if it is cancelled within 12 hours of the scheduled sailing time, or if a cancellation is not received
  • * Late Cancellation – A booking will now be deemed as a Late Cancellation if a confirmed booking is cancelled within 12 hours of the scheduled sailing time
  • The responsibility for making the cancellation by this deadline is with the customer
  • Cancellations can be made via our Freight Booking Portal or by contacting the Freight Customer Services Team (CST/Reservations)
  • The current no show and late handling policy and charges for non-livestock movements will continue to apply as it does currently
  • The deadline for customers to cancel all unwanted livestock bookings will be 17:00 hrs (Local time) the day before the respective sailing

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02 March 2021

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