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Stena Line Update - Irish Sea Ports : Introduction of Terminal Trailer Parking Fees & Shunting Charges

During recent months the level of congestion within our Ports & Terminals has increased, mainly due to unaccompanied trailers being left on site for extended periods. Unfortunately, the problem has now reached the stage whereby we are being operationally compromised within all port terminals, this is causing severe problems when loading and unloading the vessels.

Due to the frequency of our services we have to work within tight timeframes, necessitating rapid turnarounds of the ships. The port terminals have sufficient capacity to facilitate the loading/unloading of our ships but often the terminal becomes gridlocked due to the number of trailers being left on site, sometimes for several weeks on end.

As a consequence, we have decided to introduce daily trailer parking fees and, if required, shunting charges which will be levied on operators leaving trailers on site for in excess of 3 days. These charges will come into force with effect from 01 July 2020.

This letter is to provide you with advance notice of the introduction of parking fees so that you have sufficient time to organise your future traction and work patterns. The prime objective is to ensure the prompt collection of all unaccompanied units in order to improve the efficiency of port operations and the Safety of both port staff and visiting drivers.

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Official Press Release, Charges and Terms & Conditions (PDF)

Port Quay Storage Charges

28 May 2020

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