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Tallink Silja Update - Coronavirus Information

UPDATE 19/03/2020 10.34

Tallink Grupp reroutes vessels Baltic Princess and Galaxy to temporarily operate on the Turku-Kapellskär route from 19 March 2020 to provide cargo transport between Finland and Sweden

The rerouting comes as borders of European countries close and travel restrictions are introduced due to the ongoing coronavirus situation.

Baltic Princess

  • 19.3.2020 departure Turku 20:30, arrival Kapellskär 07:00
  • 20.3.2020 departure Kapellskär 20:30, arrival Turku 07:00


  • 19.3.2020 departure Turku 08:20, arrival Stockholm 18:15
  • 19.3.2020 departure Stockholm 19:30, arrival Turku 07:00
  • 20.3.2020 departure Turku 20:30, arrival Kapellskär 07:00

Baltic Princess and Galaxy will depart from Turku and Kapellskär every night at 20:30 local time from 20.03.2020 onwards:

  • Departure Turku 20:30, arrival Kapellskär 07:00
  • Departure Kapellskär 20:30, arrival Turku 07:00

Baltic Princess and Galaxy departures from Friday, 20 March are provided for cargo transporters to ensure movement of goods continues between Finland and Sweden. The vessels will not be travelling via Aland islands.

Freightlink : Stockholm – Turku cancelled to facilitate this change.

UPDATE 18/03/2020 14.59

Due to the closure of borders across Europe and a number of travel restrictions in place between countries, Tallink Grupp will start operating its vessel Star temporarily between Estonia and Germany from Thursday, 19 March 2020 to ensure transportation of goods between Estonia and western Europe.

According to current plans the vessel will start to operate between Paldiski and Sassnitz. The transportation service has been requested by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication.

Star will depart for its first trip to Germany from Tallinn Old City Harbour at 18.00 on Thursday, 19 March 2020. After the first trip, Star will arrive at Paldiski Harbour and all future departures and arrivals will be at the Paldiski Harbour.

The exact timetable for the planned Paldiski-Sassnitz route will be determined imminently, but according to initial plans Star will depart from Paldiski to Sassnitz every other day at 20.00 local time and from Sassnitz every other day at 19.00 local time. The journey time between Paldiski and Sassnitz is approximately 20 hours.

The vessel’s cargo capacity is 100 lorries and 10 passenger vehicles. Passengers without vehicles will not be allowed on board. Food and medical supplies transport will be prioritised during the booking process.

Accommodation for all people on board will be provided in cabins.

UPDATE 17/03/2020 16.35

Tallink will make changes in the timetable on Tallinn-Helsinki route starting from Wednesday 18 March 2020.

Star will depart from Helsinki on Wed 18.3.2020 at 07:30, arrive in Tallinn at 09:30,

and thereafter the vessel's departures are cancelled until further notice.

Megastar will continue on the route according to normal timetable. Also Sea Wind will continue on Tallinn-Vuosaari route according to normal timetable.

UPDATE 16/03/2020 14.49

Due to special arrangements caused by COVID-19 Sea Wind will use D-terminal in Tallinn instead of Muuga from Tuesday 17 March until further notice.

First arrival in D-terminal is on Tuesday 17.3.2020 at 03:30 and departure at 07:00.

UPDATE 16/03/2020 12.58

Tallink Grupp has announced that due to the state of emergency declared in both Estonia and Latvia and in order to ensure the health and safety of people around the Baltic Sea, the company has suspended operating the following routes:

  • Tallinn-Stockholm: Baltic Queen and Victoria I, no traffic from 15 March 2020 onwards
  • Riga- Stockholm: Romantika and Isabelle, no traffic from 16 March 2020 onwards
  • Silja Europa no departures on Tallinn-Helsinki from 17 March 2020 onwards

Cargo transportations will continue between Estonia-Finland, Estonia-Sweden and Finland-Sweden as follows:

  • Tallinn-Helsinki with Megastar and Star
  • Muuga-Vuosaari with Sea Wind
  • Helsinki-Stockholm with Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony
  • Turku-Stockholm with Baltic Princess and Galaxy.
  • Paldiski-Kapellskär with Regal Star, operating with a non-fixed schedule

For cargo shipments between Sweden and the Baltics we can offer transports as far as possible via Finland, i.e. Tallinn->Helsinki->Stockholm or v.v.

Tallink Grupp will suspend operations of its Tallinn-Helsinki route vessel Silja Europa from Tuesday, 17 March 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus situation and new measures adopted by the Estonian government regarding border control, entering into force from 17 March 2020.

Silja Europa will make its final trips on Monday, 16 March according the vessel’s normal schedule, but only passengers with a one way ticket will be allowed to travel on the 18.30 departure from Helsinki to Tallinn. From 17 March 2020 Silja Europa will remain in Port of Tallinn until further notice from the company.

From 17 March 2020 maritime transportation between Estonia and Finland will continue to operate to ensure Estonians are able to travel back to Estonia via Finland from neighbouring countries and so that residents of neighbouring countries could use Estonia as a transit country to get home. Cargo transportation between Estonia and Finland and between Estonia and Sweden will also continue. The Muuga-Vuosaari route vessel Sea Wind will temporarily not provide transport for passengers, but will continue with cargo transportation. Cargo transportation from Latvia to Sweden and Finland will continue via Estonia, providing the land border between Estonia and Latvia remains open.

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19 March 2020

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