DFDS Gardenia Seaways RoRo Freight Ferry

Two New RoRo Vessels for DFDS Immingham - Rotterdam Ferry Route

DFDS has taken delivery of the first of two RoRo vessels which will operate on the North Sea Immingham - Rotterdam route.

The first new vessel named Gardenia Seaways will contribute to a 20% increase in transport capacity with space for 262 trailers and a load space of 4,076 metres.

“The volume on all routes within the DFDS network has grown noticeably; we are already using almost all the capacity available in our existing fleet. Gardenia Seaways and the next new ship will enable us to offer our customers the capacity they want, together with a significantly improved service."

explained Peder Gellert, EVP of the Shipping Division at DFDS.

Gardenia Seaways meets all of the current environmental requirements including reduced fuel consumption and improved handling when loading and unloading in ports.

The new RoRo ferry was launched on the 17th February and is part of a large DFDS vessel and building construction programme, with two more freight ferries expected in 2019.

21 February 2017

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