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Which Kind of Freightlink Customer Are You?

We have been doing what we do at Freightlink for many years now, since 2004 to be exact. Over the years we have encountered many different customers moving a variety of different loads from pigs to steel bolts, from car parts to wood. We decided to do some digging into our customer base and we have come up with some typical Freightlink customers. Which one are you?

Paul small haulage company driverPaul

Paul lives outside the M25 and has used Freightlink since 2013.

He has a fleet of 4 vans and makes regular weekly bookings into and out of mainland Europe. He is yet to go ‘digital’ so Paul still rings us on the phone to make his bookings by speaking to our highly trained customer service team. He even knows some of them on a first name basis. He usually sails within 12-24 hours of booking his crossings as the type of jobs that he takes on and the destination changes on a day to day basis.

Ion small haulage company ownerIon

Ion is from Bucharest in Romania and he uses Freightlink regularly. Most of his jobs tend to see him making his way towards the UK.

Ion has been using Freightlink regularly since 2015, following the surge in Romanian truck drivers entering the market. Since spring, he has been taking more and more loads to Sweden from Poland. The Freightlink website allows him to book online 24/7. Ion likes the fact he can book throughout the night and gets a fast, instant confirmation for both himself and his drivers.

Janet small haulage company administratorJanet

Janet is the admin lady for a larger haulage firm located in Nottingham.

She makes bookings both online and on the phone depending on the amount of time she has available, although recently she is starting to favour the Freightlink online offering more. Freightlink allows her to ensure that all crossings for the upcoming months are secured for her drivers.

Lukas large haulage company ownerLukas

Lukas is a Polish man who deals with our Polish account managers directly.

He’s been working with Freightlink as a client for a long time and as a company we ensure he receives the best rates. This week he has taken widgets to Belfast using us for both his ferries to Dover and his ferries across the Irish Sea. He likes the fact Freightlink is an all in one solution.

Pete courier company ownerPete

Pete, 23, loves technology and sees himself as a digital pioneer.

He was one of the first to download the Freightlink app which allows him to book more than 550 ferry routes with over 40 ferry operators from his smartphone. Pete has 12 drivers on his books and the app allows him to place his bookings easily. His vehicle registration numbers, no. of drivers and destinations change often.

Dave antiques ownerDave

Dave is not a frequent Freightlink customer but he gets treated the same as our long term customers.

He is an antique dealer and uses Freightlink no more than 2-3 times a year, as most of his business is located in the UK. He makes one-off trips on the Irish Sea and the English Channel to secure those valuable one of a kind antiques. Given the excellent customer service levels at Freightlink and advanced customer booking systems, we always remember who he is.

Whichever customer you are, Book a Ferry with FreightlinkYou may not be one of the people above, you might be your own unique type of Freightlink customer. But whatever you use us for we have a solution for you. We have developed an understanding of our customers over time that is second to none. So why would you go anywhere else?

22 June 2017

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