Christmas gifts

10 Christmas Gifts for Truck & Van Drivers

With Christmas on the horizon, it’s nearly time to hang up the van keys for the festive holiday. So, that means it’s time for some last-minute shopping. Be it for yourself or a loved one, we’ve got the trucker’s Christmas list sorted for 2018.

Kit out the cabin

Truck & Van Sat Nav

truck electric blanketGreat for those long-distance journeys, there will be no more fumbling with your phone or map. Specifically designed for trucks and larger commercial vehicles, these systems come equipped with features such as

  • Petrol station, truck stop and parking POIs
  • Customised routes by weight, cargo and maximum speed
  • Lane guidance
  • Fuel efficient routes

Electric Blanket

It’s getting cold! The nights are long and when you’re sleeping in your cab it won’t be much warmer, so make sure you’re well equipped. Powered by a 12v adapter or battery operated you’ll be warm, toasty and sleeping like a baby under one of these bad boys.

Portable Wi-Fi

If you use a lot of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as tablets and laptops, you may find it worthwhile to invest in a portable Wi-Fi router.

Working in a similar way to a smartphone, the Wi-Fi router uses 3G/4G networks and your data allowance to provide an internet connection to multiple devices. So, if you want to watch the game whilst parked up in France or catch up on Corrie in a truck stop in Bulgaria, a portable Wi-Fi router will sort you out.

A Portable Toilet

Whilst not the most glamorous of treats, when nature calls at an inappropriate time, a portable toilet will be your best friend, without having to uncomfortably keep your legs crossed.

Make it your own

luxury seat covers

Luxury Seat Covers

When you’re out on the road, your cab is your palace. Why not decorate it to your tastes? With luxury seat covers you can get the inside of your van looking how you want it in no time.

Personalised Vehicle Charms

Get a personalised car charm to hang from your rear view mirror with a memorable quote or pictures of your family so that way you’re never riding solo.

Customised Flask

When it’s cold outside and you like your drinks hot, make sure that you aren’t using a generic container. Be it a “World’s Best Daddy” or “The Driver is always right” flask, own your morning coffee.

When work meets home

Driver Mugs

world's best lorry driverWhen you’re not on the road, you never have to be too far away from the cabin with a specialised trucking mug.

Trucking for the Kids

Dress your youngest children with trucking attire in preparation for starting your own fleet when they come of age.

Van Cushions

Because we all know a HGV can be a thing of beauty, why not add a bit of truck related style to your living room. When your other half eventually bans it from the house, it will be a wonderful accessory for your vehicle.

Whatever you decide to treat yourself or your trucking loved one with this season, above all else stay safe on the roads. Merry Christmas from everyone at Freightlink.

13 December 2018

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