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Brittany Ferries Update: No Smoking Policy

It has been brought to our attention that there have recently been several instances of freight drivers smoking in cabins on board the Connemara. This obviously poses a very serious risk to the safety of the vessel, its passengers and crew, and cannot be tolerated by Brittany Ferries. Pre-departure announcements are made on board and the 'No Smoking Policy' is announced in both English and Spanish. 'No Smoking' signs are clearly visible throughout the ship, smoking is allowed on the outer decks of the ship only.

The following statement is also shown in our General Conditions of Carriage which can be found on the Brittany Ferries Freight website.

“j. Safety and security instructions: The Shipper warrants that the driver and any person allowed on board the vessel with the Vehicles will comply with all instructions given by the Sea Carrier.”

We would ask that you ensure your drivers are made aware of this policy when they are travelling on Brittany Ferries vessels. A driver found smoking in their cabin may ultimately be banned from using our services in the future, a sanction we would prefer to avoid.

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14 November 2018

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