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Corsica Ferries Update - Coronavirus

For any reservation of tickets and passenger boarding until 11/05/2020, a prefectural derogation is compulsory.

It must be requested by email, providing supporting documents and reasons for the trip, travel dates and passenger list, to the following addresses:

Without this authorization, boarding will be refused.

The transport of passengers from and to Corsica is strictly limited to travel for the following reasons, and passengers must have their derogatory travel certificate and their prefectural authorization :

  • The movements of personnel of the internal security forces or of rescue or health services essential to the essential missions of protecting the population.
  • The movement of personnel of the armed forces essential to the ongoing missions of the Ministry of the Armed Forces.
  • Travel for imperative reasons of health.
  • Travel for imperative family reasons, for the assistance of vulnerable people, or for childcare.
  • Business trips that cannot be postponed, on a case-by-case basis, only with prefectural authorization.

Without these authorizations, boarding will be refused.

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15 April 2020

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