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A Day in the Life of a Courier Van Driver

Is there such a thing as a typical day for a courier van driver? Probably not. But if there is, we think it probably looks a little something like Nigel's...


04:15 My alarm goes off first thing; I jump in the shower and look at the Freightlink app to check my sailing time.

04:40 I take my flask of coffee and a porridge pouch from the kitchen and leave the house. I throw the porridge pouch in the glove compartment because although I told my wife I will eat healthier; I lie. I drive my Sprinter van to the depot.

Freightlink News app05:50 I arrive at the depot, fill in all the paperwork and then load my van. I check the Freightlink News app to see if there are any ferry service disruption reports because it’s snowing now. There’s a 60 minute delay.

08:00 I get back on the road, just in time for rush hour...

10:00 I stop at the truck stop for a proper full English breakfast as I try to kill some time before I get back on the road. I win a fiver on a scratch card at WH Smiths. My morning has perked up.

12:10 I arrive at the port freight entrance a bit earlier than I thought and get directed into a queue. There’s two and a half hours until we sail. I get my paperwork together as I wait and have a momentary panic because I thought I’d left my passport at the truck stop. I find it again and calm resumes. Panic over.

12:25 I reach a check-in window. He apologises for the delay – a driver in front of me had to pay additional charges. I feel smug at the fact that all my charges are prepaid for me by booking at Freightlink.co.uk. He checks all my booking information and allows me through.

13:45 I wait to board the ferry, very happy I found out about the delay from the Freightlink News app. I call my wife and she congratulates me on my scratch card win.

14:15 I’m on board! Van is locked, time for a stroll.

14:45 We set sail and I go for some lunch – fish and chips with a brew from the restaurant on board. After that, I go and sit in the freight drivers’ lounge and try to read the paper. A driver next to me is shouting down the phone that his van wasn’t measured correctly and it cost an additional £100. I’m glad I’m not stressed and that I sorted everything online before departure.

17:00 It’s not long until we’ll be ready to disembark so I return to my van. The sailing was as smooth as always.

17:45 I arrive at my depot. My van is unloaded and reloaded.

18:30 Back on the road I stop for some dinner before driving back to the port.

19:20 I arrive back at the port and check-in with the ferry booking reference on my Freightlink app.

20:00 I park my van before I head to the drivers’ rest area. Time for a nap.

23:30 I wake up, have a quick coffee, use the facilities and get back in my van. Time to board.


Freightlink App00:05 It’s been a long day! After boarding and locking my van, I head up a few decks and go for a shower available to freight drivers, have a soft drink and a sandwich.

02:05 Back in England! I disembark the ferry before heading to the drivers’ rest area just outside the port.

08:00 I wake up and freshen up, ready for the day. I call my family and then I get back on the road home.

11:00 I stop at the services for breakfast; sadly, no win on the scratch card this time.

11:30 Back at the depot and I empty my van.

13:00 I get home and spend time with my family.

19:00 Time for bed. Where will I be going tomorrow morning?

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13 March 2018

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