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DFDS Update - Eastern Channel Hazardous Goods Information

DFDS would like to remind their customers of these important points when transporting Hazardous Goods across the Channel.

  • Some ADR exemptions are not applicable by sea (this includes Limited Quantities). All hazardous goods must be in accordance with the IMDG code.
  • Failure to declare hazardous goods correctly will result in the refusal of shipment. It is important to note, not adhering to the regulations may also result in a heavy fine and prosecution by the competent authority.
  • They will only accept IMO/Multimodal Dangerous Goods Notes. ADR or IATA DGN's will be rejected.
  • Both the Vehicle/Container Packing Certificate and Shippers Declaration must be completed and hand signed (with the exception of Tankers which only require the Shippers Declaration).

For further guidance on the transportation of hazardous goods, please refer to our 'How Do I Book Dangerous Goods?' guide.

23 January 2019

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