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DFDS Update - Operational Requirement for Landing Legs Position at Gothenburg Terminal

We are unfortunately experiencing an increasing number of units being delivered to the terminal with their landing legs below the required 125 cm height.

We are using all efforts to inform your drivers that trailers are left in the correct position, however we would also kindly like to draw your attention to this problem.

The consequence of a trailer left with the wrong landing leg height is an additional handling of the trailer and for this the Gothenburg terminal has implemented a charge of SEK 410 per trailer with landing legs below 125 cm in height.

The required additional handling of trailer is putting stress on the vessel operation and may affect the number of trailers loaded.

In week 20 (2019) only the terminal will conduct a daily check of trailer landing leg positions and DFDS will notify you if you have trailers with landing legs below 125 cm for you to have your landing legs positioned to correct height.

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09 May 2019

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