Eurotunnel tanker

Eurotunnel Update - Important Information for Tankers

For safety reasons, all access points to your tanker, including any additional locking systems (particularly weatherboards) must be fully secured before boarding Eurotunnel Freight shuttles.

All tankers will automatically be directed to Eurotunnel's Safety and Security Controls area to ensure that drivers adhere to this requirement.

Eurotunnel Freight tanker safety

A Reminder of Eurotunnel Freight's Safety Rules

  • All passengers must be declared - no charges are incurred for additional passengers. Failure to declare all passengers is a breach of conditions and you may be refused travel.
  • We would like to inform you that for safety reasons, drivers and/or passengers with reduced mobility cannot be accommodated on Eurotunnel Freight shuttles.
  • No smoking.
  • The speed limit is 6 mph/10 km/h on the Freight shuttle.
  • Keep cab curtains open at all times.
  • The maximum height allowed for vehicles in our Freight Shuttles is 4.20m. Please lower and secure your aerials before boarding.
  • The tarpaulin must always be correctly attached to the trailer and in good condition.
  • Turn off all electrical equipment in your cab after loading.
  • Do not stay in your vehicle. Turn your cab heater and refrigerator off.
  • Ensure your fuel cap is on.
  • Only children aged 12 years and over are authorised to travel on our freight shuttles.
  • No livestock, animals or domestic pets are accepted for carriage on the Freight shuttles.
  • All access points into the tankers must be fully secured.

If you have any questions about booking a tanker, contact our customer service team.

14 March 2018

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