Winter driving

A Guide to Driving Safely in the Winter

Driving in Winter is unpredictable. Over the past couple of weeks the UK has seen snow, storms and floods. We want to reiterate the importance of driving safe during the next few months.


At this time of year, planning is essential for success. There can be a lot of rapid changes to the weather and it is vital that you know what to do in every eventuality.

Check the Weather Forecast Before Every Trip

Checking the weather forecast may seem like an obvious step, but forgetting to check may leave you in a bit of an unfortunate predicament. Knowing that the roads will be icy due to cold weather overnight may lead you to drive more cautiously, saving you from an avoidable accident.

Alternative Routes and Stops

In the UK we are used to rapidly changing weather, even more so in winter. Making sure that you have planned alternative routes and stops may help you to stay safe in the eventuality that the weather causes disruption that could severely impact your journey. Allowing you to quickly alter the route that you are travelling on so that you can reach your destination promptly and safely.


With reduced visibility in winter, it is important that you make sure that all your lights work properly before setting off in order to avoid an accident.

It is also important that you remember to pack a high visibility vest and a torch. If your vehicle was to break down you need to stay as safe as possible. Ensure that you are visible to others that are driving on the same road. This is critical.

Braking Distances

At this time of year the roads are more likely to be slippery, which means that you need to be attentive and ensure that you have a longer breaking distance to avoid a collision on the road.

In icy conditions your vehicle is prone to skidding on the road and it is really important that you give yourself (and the driver ahead of you) enough space to prevent a potential incident if something does go awry.


Packing a kit is crucial for any journey regardless of the weather. In winter however, you may want to add things into your travel kit that could help you through the season. This may include snow chains and tyres (which are essential in some countries- be sure to check before you travel) or thing such as gloves, blankets, high-visibility jackets (etc…). For more ideas of what to pack in your winter travel kit, take a look at the Freightlink Reload blog.

Making sure that you are safe is always a priority. With the additional enforcement of a national lockdown there is a lot to be cautious of. Make sure you are prepared for every eventuality.

Keep an eye on our blog for more information and ideas of how to ensure that you stay safe!

03 February 2021

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