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Irish Ferries Update - Covid-19

UPDATE 27/04/2020 08.43

Due to Covid-19, Irish Health Authorities have requested that anyone entering Ireland must complete the following form for collection on arrival by the Authorities.

Public Health Passenger Locator form

On the form there is a tick-box for commercial drivers allowing them to claim an exemption from the need to self-isolate.

Copies of the form will be available at all check-in booths and also onboard all vessels.

UPDATE 07/04/2020 14.47

Please be advised that the French Goverment have updated their waiver certificates needed for travel to and within France.

To inform you, there will be no restrictions on the circulation of trucks in France.

However, the driver will need to carry these two specific waiver certificates.

The following updated waiver certificates (in French with an unofficial courtesy translation in English) will need to be filled out by both driver and employer for the movement of trucks within France.

  • A French personal travel waiver certificate (attestation de déplacement dérogatoire) that must be filled and signed by the driver himself.
  • A French professional travel waiver certificate (justificatif de déplacement professionnel) to be filled and signed by the employer (i.e. the driver’s manager).

The drivers need to have the French version of these two signed certificates with them at all time while they are in France.

justificatif-deplacement-professionnel-fr.pdf | individual_attestation-deplacement-fr.pdf | justificatif-deplacement-professionnel-fr-eng.pdf | individual_attestation-deplacement-fr-eng.pdf

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