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Nine Reasons Why You Should Open a Freightlink Account

Here at Freightlink, we are continually innovating to find new ways to make the ferry and Eurotunnel booking process simpler. Whether it's our Freightlink App or our websites, we are always looking at different solutions to tackle even the smallest problem and make your experience better.

freightlink account dashboard

Customer Account Dashboard

The customer account dashboard was created with you in mind. We know that booking a ferry may not always be simple. Changes in things such as weather conditions may mean that you face unfortunate delays. Whilst we can’t change the weather, we can keep you informed about it and what is happening at the port.

Your customer account dashboard provides information about your booking, such as; weather updates, crossing status, account information and a countdown until the next crossing. It is also how you access the rest of your account features.

My Saved Journey

Do you make repeat journeys? It is much easier to use the ‘My Saved Journey’ feature than to go to the trouble of putting in the same details again!

This feature allows you to save the details of a previous journey on your account and replicate it when making a new booking, enabling you to make new bookings with ease.

My Saved Vehicles

Similarly to the ‘My Saved Journey’ feature, the ‘My Saved Vehicles’ tool allows you to replicate previous information to help speed up the booking process. It means you don't have to go to the trouble of typing in all the information about your vehicles again.

Track and Trace

Although track and trace has recently become synonymous with the Covid-19 pandemic, our track and trace system is for your bookings.

Here you can view your past and current bookings, helping you to follow your vehicles as they travel to their destination. Full visibility and peace of mind.

SMS Drivers

We know that it is important for you to keep your entire supply chain in-the-loop. Freightlink allows you to SMS your drivers booking information free of charge.

Free Amendments

We understand how frustrating it can be when plans change at the last minute after you’ve made your booking. That’s why we offer free amendments! We want your booking to be as simple and stress-free as possible.

Use Existing Card

Sometimes it is a hassle to type in all of your credit/debit card details every time. Freightlink have thought about this too! Once you have a Freightlink account, you be able to securely save your card to your account, which allows you to benefit from faster booking times and a simple, straightforward process.

Flexi Ticket

Flexibility is key to a successful booking. We offer flexi-tickets so that you never have to worry about late alterations to your original plan.

Account Manager

With Freightlink you have a dedicated account manager who you can talk to about your bookings and requirements. Your account manager is also there for you. if you have any questions, our multilingual team will be able to direct you through the booking process.

You have plenty on your mind already without needing to worry about your freight ferry bookings. Freightlink are here to help you!

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18 November 2020

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