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Stena Line Update - Terminal Instruction Units on Hold

Unfortunately we are facing problems on daily basis that after disembarkation a number of accompanied units are set on hold by the Dutch Customs. This is often the result of uncomplete or incorrect lodged customs formalities.

As a terminal operator we fully understand that Customs formalities are new and that those teething problems will be solved in due time. We do however not have the port space to facilitate those units for a long period on our RTO (customs area) terminal.

Hauliers will have a time frame, according below schedule, from when the goods arrive on the terminal (scheduled arrival time of the vessel) to finalize the Customs formalities. If the Customs formalities are not finalized within this time frame and the units are still on hold by the Dutch Customs, accompanied units will be shipped back to the UK to release space on the terminal.

If the driver would refuse to return aboard, the driver must leave the terminal. Legal ISPS (International Ship & Port Security) regulations are not allowing that freight drivers stay overnight on the terminal within the ISPS area. To avoid misunderstanding the ISPS area is the same area as the RTO (customs area). Either the driver will leave by foot and find himself a hotel, or the trailer will be parked on our terminal and the driver will leave the terminal with his solo truck.

Please be aware that in a situation when the driver refuse to be shipped back to the UK and the unit is parked on the quay during the night, the terminal reserves the right to charge a release fee of € 250,00. The release fee must be paid by the collecting driver before access will be given to our terminal. The fee can be payed either cash, debit or credit card by the driver or via credit card transfer by the company.

This procedure is only applicable for the Hoek van Holland terminal.

Arrival HvH Latest time for finalising customs formalities Departing vessel Time to complete the Customs formalities
08.00 20.30 22.00 12.5 hours on quay side
09.15 19.15 20.30 10.5 hours on quay side
17.15 20.30 22.00 7.25 hours during day crossing and 3.25 hours on quay side (total 10.5 hours)

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22 January 2021

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