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Upgrading Your Vehicle? New Commercial Vans for 2020

Now we are well into the new year, Europe’s top vehicle manufacturers have announced 2020’s newest commercial van ranges. Thinking of upgrading your van or just like having a nosy? Here are our top picks.

Large Vans

© 2020 Copyright Volkswagen UK press siteVolkwagen Crafter

The Crafter has been a crowd pleaser since its arrival in 2017. Volkswagen spent over £1.5bn on research and development of the Crafter, winning itself the title of International Van of the Year.

The new model possesses a refined 2.0 litre engine available with front, rear or four wheel drive.

The Crafter is one of the biggest load carriers on the market with an enormous 18.4 cubic metre storage area available in the largest model. The Crafter’s safety equipment is unrivalled, equipped with lane-keeping assistance, rear traffic detectors and side assistance, keeping both you and your load safe until you reach your destination.

Ford Transit

Perhaps the most famous van on the road, the 2020 Ford Transit is as reliable as the first model ever made. The Transit is the most varied van on the market with options suitable for all users. It is rumoured that a 5.5 tonne model will soon become available.

With a storage area of up to 15.1 cubic metres and a weight capacity of up to 2200 kg, the Transit is a great option for commercial drivers with larger loads. Despite its size, it drives fantastically thanks to its superior steering. The Transit’s suspension is also firm, allowing for a settled ride.

Four engines are available between 103 bhp and 182 bhp. Equipped with a standard six-speed manual gear box, the Transit is perfect for motorway use, with a luxurious cab that you would expect to find in a car.

Medium Vans

Vauxhall Vivaro’s newest Vivaro boasts a completely new chassis when compared to its previous generations, sharing the framework with competitor, Renault Trafic.

Available in two models with a payload of up to 1,400kg and a load space of 6.6 cubic metres, the Vivaro offers flexibility for the average mid-range driver. Its compact design allows for easy driving in built up areas.

Iveco Daily

Whilst only just falling into the mid-range category, the Iveco Daily is a fantastically reliable van. Built on a separate chassis and body like a much larger vehicle, the Iveco Daily offers a load space of up to 19.6 cubic metres. The Daily is unrivalled in terms of capacity, with no other model of its size having such a large load space.

Small Vans

Peugeot Partner

The Peugeot Partner is a fantastic, compact option for drivers who handle small deliveries.

Known for being a passenger van, the commercial version has an impressively spacious cargo area of around 1 cubic metre.

Equipped with a standard 1.6l engine, the Peugeot Partner is also available as a hybrid to make the vehicle more environmentally friendly.

Ford Transit Connect

The younger brother of the Transit, the Ford Transit Connect possesses all the great features of the standard Transit just in a more concise package.

After its introduction in 2002, the Connect is regarded as one of the best small vans on the market. The 2020 version is now more efficient, safer and suitable for more uses than ever before.

Available in 74 bhp and 118 bhp options, each model comes with a standard 5 speed manual gear box. The smaller engine size is ideal for drivers with lighter loads.

The Transit Connect is also available in two sizes with capacities of 595 kg and 967 kg respectively.

What’s your favourite van on the market in 2020? Get in touch and let us know.

17 February 2020

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