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Virtu Ferries Update - Coronavirus

UPDATE 29/05/2020 09.42

Please all note that with immediate effect - any driver / trucker who comes to our quay in Malta, to collect a truck / trailer or van, as well as those who come to hook up a trailer arriving with the catamaran, to drive it out for unloading, MUST wear a face mask / or face shield BEFORE entering our quay or terminal.

The face mask or face shield MUST NOT be taken off, under no circumstances, while still inside our quay or terminal.

Naturally this also applies to the actual drivers arriving with the truck/trailers / vans.

No one shall be allowed onto our quay without a face mask or shield.

UPDATE 14/04/2020 09.37

Following the restrictions impose by the government due to Covid 19 , should you be interested to use our service from Sicily to Malta and back , we can accept commercial vehicles on board, however, on arrival in Malta the driver will not be allowed to leave the port area. In that case you will have to arrange with the Maltese company receiving the goods to have a driver pick up the truck/ van from the port to unload and return truck empty for the return. Meanwhile, for the drivers we put at disposition a room inside the port.

UPDATE 27/03/1010 15.29

Below is the communication from the EU Commission, allowing drivers transporting goods across the EU, under guidance, to ensure a continuous flow of goods.

We suggest you print out and make sure you give a printed copy of this to all your drivers in each truck, to present to different authorities, at ports or borders.

Covid-19 Border Management Guidelines & Transport Workers Certificate

During the current restrictions on travelling, please note that until further notice, our catamaran between Malta and Pozzallo in Sicily, shall be operating as normal, carrying commercially registered vehicles (commercial vans, trucks and trailers) loaded with freight/cargo. This only valid and applicable to drivers booked with return ticket on the same vessel (in our case the catamaran), not necessarily same day. The authorities are not allowing ONE WAY tickets into Malta. Even if you would then eventually return to Sicily with another different one way ticket on another vessel, we are not authorized to load drivers without return ticket.

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29 May 2020

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