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Wightlink Ferries Update - Passenger Safety Leaflet

Wightlink is a lifeline service for the residents of the Isle of Wight. In order to support the principles of self-isolation and social distancing, with the exception of passengers who require the use of a wheelchair travelling on the Victoria of Wight, the Master requires you remain inside your vehicle whilst onboard our Portsmouth to Fishbourne car ferry.

Our vehicle decks are manned by the ship’s crew, should you require any assistance please attract the attention of the crew by flashing your lights and if required, supplement this by briefly sounding your horn and finally leave your hazard on.

In order to listen to safety announcements, please keep your windows open when boarding. After departure, we request you keep at least one window open at all times when onboard. In the unlikely event of an emergency you will be required to vacate your vehicle and proceed to the lounges via the staircases.

The signal to vacate your vehicles will consist of a sounding of the ship’s alarm bell or whistle, followed by an announcement, followed by another sounding of the ship’s alarm bell or whistle. Do not use the lifts in the event of an emergency and leave all baggage behind.

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Wightlink Passenger Safety Leaflet

19 June 2020

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