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country guide globeFreight operators, couriers, haulage companies, truck, lorry and van drivers - be aware of the rules and regulations when travelling.

European Union (EU) Law and regulation is in constant flux and change, but responsibility falls on the company and/or driver transporting goods to comply with these laws and regulations – but there are differences between countries.

Cyprus Country Guide

Couriers, van operators, lorry and truck drivers are required to carry a full passport, an international or national driving licence, original vehicle registration documents, MOT/ road worthiness certificates, green card insurance and display the vehicles road fund licence.

Denmark Country Guide

Denmark with Copenhagen as its capital is the most southerly of the Scandinavian countries. Covering an area of 43,000 square kilometres the peninsular of Jutland and 443 islands, of which circa 70 are inhabited form the Kingdom of Denmark. Whilst sharing only one land border – with Germany Denmark is also connected to Sweden by the Oresund Bridge which opened in 1999.

Finland Country Guide

With a geographical area of over 130,000 square miles Finland is one of the larger European countries but conversely it is the most sparsely populated with around 5.5 million inhabitants. The majority of the population reside in the southern regions with Helsinki, Finland’s capital city, being home for around 615,000.

France Country Guide

France is the largest of the countries in the E.U. and has a population of circa 66 million. Bordering eight other European countries France is a transit country for many a destination. As a result the English Channel, which is as little as 20.6 miles wide, is the world’s busiest seaway and gateway to Europe for courier van operators, lorry and truck drivers.

Germany Country Guide

Germany (or as it is officially known, the Federal Republic of Germany) is a federal parliamentary republic in central-western Europe. It comprises 16 States, and covers an area of 357,021 square kilometres (137,847 square miles). It has a population of approximately 82million inhabitants.

Greece Country Guide

The Southern European country of Greece with Athens as its capital has a population of around 11 million people. Greece borders Albania to the North West, Macedonia and Bulgaria to the North, Turkey to the North East and to the West / South West lay the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea to the South / South East. A predominantly mountainous country (80% of the land) and a coastline of some 8500 miles and 1400 islands of which 2227 are inhabited Greece is a member of the E.U. and within the Euro currency zone.

Ireland Country Guide

The island is served by a number of ferry operators - including Stena Line, P&O, Irish Ferries and Seatruck Ferries from UK West Coast ports of Cairnryan in Scotland, Heysham, Liverpool and Birkenhead in North West England, Holyhead on Angelsey, North Wales and the South Wales ports of Pembroke and Fishguard.

Latvia Country Guide

Latvia is a Baltic Sea State bordering Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. Latvian independence was restored 21st August 1991 following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Since then Latvia ascended to European Union membership in 2004 but favoured it national currency, the Lat, until 2014 when it adopted the Euro. Latvia has a population of around 2,000,000.

Malta Country Guide

The Mediterranean island of Malta lies to the south of the Italian island of Sicily. Even though Malta has 14 public holidays per year no driving restriction on vehicle movements are imposed, and due to its southernly position, it is a freight transhipment point for many merchant vessels.


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