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DFDS Update : Safety Reminder - Opening of Trailer Doors

"We would like to remind customers of their responsibility to ensure loads are secured sufficiently. Unfortunately, we have recently seen two incidents occur on the DFDS Terminal, whereby HGV drivers were involved in near misses whilst opening trailer doors as a result of loads moving during transit. It is probable that the loads were not effectively secured to control the risk of movement during transit.

Load security must be of primary concern, effective load securing prevent goods from falling out from the trailer causing danger to both personnel and other road users and also helps to ensure that goods arrive at their destination undamaged. Choose a securing system that stops the load moving without creating other risks. Webbing straps or chains are often used to secure loads, but they aren’t right for every situation.

Drivers often have to open trailer doors to retrieve paperwork, consideration should be given to placing paperwork in external holder to avoid the need to open the doors.

When opening trailer doors drivers must remain vigilant to the possibility of the load being against the door and position themselves behind the door being opened. If difficulty in opening the door is experienced it is possible that the load is pressing against it.

Trailer door securing equipment, in order to secure the doors during opening, should be considered as part of employer’s duty of care and responsibilities toward protecting staff."

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For more information, check out our Securing Your Vehicle Cargo guide.

24 July 2018

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